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Higher Truth

Chris Cornell - 2015

    Chris Cornell just isn’t able to make a great solo album. He’s one of my all time favorite singers, who still sounds great 20 years or so after his peak. I firmly believe that he’s still able to write some good songs, since there are a number of gems on the Audiosoave albums. (I Am The HighWay, Like A Stone, Etc.) He’s also made a habit of picking great covers to give his sparse acoustic makeover. His 2011 live solo album Songbook, was fantastic, because the intimate setting played to his greatest strength, which is his booming voice. 
    Higher Truth doesn’t have great songs. They’re ok. Pretty vanilla. What I think makes them even less compelling is the pop arrangements. Some of the instrumentation and gloss just kills the depth that can come through his performances. It sounds as if it’s aimed for a mass radio audience. The type of people that eat white bread and drink Budweiser. There’s really nothing here that I can say I want to return to.
    I still hold out hope that Chis will hook up with a producer that can really capture a great album from him. He’s still got the pipes and his recent live cover of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” was brilliant, so he can still deliver an emotive performance. Is it time to give Rick Rubin a call?  

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Posted: 09/25/2015

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