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Star Wars

Wilco - 2015

     Wilco is a band that I’ve always been lukewarm about. Nels Cline is an inventive and unique guitarist and I always look forward to hearing what sounds he’s going to conjure up, but overall the band is “just ok” to my ears. Their newest release, “Star Wars”, was released for free online as a surprise. "Free album” is a phrase that’s music to my ears, (pun intended), so I downloaded it immediately. Not surprisingly, it’s….ok. A few hooks here and there. Some basic rock songs with dissonant , angular moments mixed in here and there, but nothing spectacular. I just don’t get the feeling that these songs NEEDED to be created. They don’t strike me as a collection of feelings that were brewing inside of Jeff Tweedy, boiling up until he just had to let them out. It’s all average. Meh.
    As an aside, the title “Star Wars” has nothing to do with the movie, which Tweedy is not a fan of. When asked if the title had anything to do with the new movie he told Rolling Stone, "No! In fact, I didn’t even know there was a new Star Wars movie coming out until my lawyer told me.” You know what? F-U. Don’t play that, “I don’t even own a TV" BS. Everyone knows there is a Star Wars movie coming out, and naming your bland album after it, along with a random picture of a cat as cover art, is just dumb. You’re frankly treating the album with the lack of respect that it sounds like you put into the songwriting. I was going to give this album 2.5 stars, since it’s so middle of the road, but after typing the last few sentences I’m giving it 2 stars.   

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Posted: 11/28/2015

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