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Dodge And Burn

The Dead Weather - 2015

    The Dead Weather has the potential to be Jack’s best post-White Stripes project. It’s consistently the darkest music that he makes, and Alison Mosshart has a mystery to her that’s palpable. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, everything that Jack has touched for the last few years has sounded very much alike. Maybe it’s because he has such a large part in all aspects of every project. Even though he’s the drummer in TDW, and not the guitar player/lead singer, every song sounds like it could have been on his solo albums. The guitar riffs could have been played by him. This album was no doubt recorded in one of his own studios, or one that he uses frequently, and he probably has a huge collection of his own vintage equipment to draw from for every project. All of this makes his recent solo albums and other projects mix together in a big blob of Jackness.
     It’s not that any of it is of low quality. I really like the lead single, “I Feel Love”. Most of the songs on this album are ok. To say that they’re bad would be unfair. They are however, middle of the road for the most part. I don;t think his own music is at the forefront of his life right now, and that’s fine, but this album is what results from that lack of importance and focus. I expect a drop-off in quality when he’s trying to balance running a record label, marketing, touring, recording, producing, etc. It’s frankly impressive that he maintains this level with all that’s on his plate. I’m still a big fan, but each recent project has disappeared into the ether of my music collection, and this one is no different.

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Posted: 11/29/2015

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