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Tallest man on earth wild hunt cover art

The Wild Hunt

Tallest Man On Earth - 2010

Kristian Matsson, who goes by the moniker The Tallest Man On Earth, is anything. Hes a small, skinny, Swedish guy, with a big voice and a big talent for songwriting. Usually armed with just his acoustic guitar, he breathes fresh life into folk music. He owes a debt to Dylans early records, but to write him off as a Dylan knock off is not listening with open ears. Just as Dylan was reinventing/reinterpreting what Woody Guthrie and others had done before him, Matsson takes those same influences and approaches his lyrics from somewhere else altogether. He paints pictures with his songs the way other great songwriters do. He reminds me of Springsteen in that way, and not coincidentally, Springsteen was once dubbed the new Dylan as well.

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Posted: 08/30/2013

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