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Yuck - 2011

Ok, I'm officially getting old. Yuck is the first band that I really like who are a) ALMOST young enough to be my own kids, and b) who's sound is influenced by the music of my youth. Yuck's self titled rookie release is a lo-fi rock masterpiece, culling sounds and taking songwriting cues from early Smashing Pumpkins, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr. etc. Since the members of this London born quartet would have only been infants when those bands were in their prime, I assume that they probably flipped through their parent's CD collection quite a bit. The songs have very radio-friendly hooks and verse-chorus-verse song forms that are delivered through wall of fuzz distorted guitars and male-female vocal harmonies. The production is probably intentionally lo-fi. It's raw enough to not be too commercial, but still high enough quality to appeal to modern indie rock fans. Probably the perfect soundtrack for browsing through your local thrift shop or used record store. It doesn't really matter if that's manufactured or not, because it totally works. I love that the album was released on Fat Possum records, because they have released some of my favorite raw, dirty, blues of the last decade and a half, and this release does the same for indie rock that Fat Possum did for the blues. (I think R.L Burnside would like this band) Call them Shoegaze, noise rock, whatever. Just crank it loud! (Try "The Wall" & "Georgia")

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Posted: 04/28/2013

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#8 favorite album of 2011