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Sigur Ros - 2013

I have come to a grave conclusion. I have zero loyalty to artists. I may have played your previous album on repeat for weeks at a time but I cannot follow you blindly into your recent release. My appreciation for your talents comes to a grinding halt when you step foot back into the studio. To be honest, this horrendous approach to art gets darker yet. I become irrationally disappointed by an album that fails to move me and grow angry with friends who find hidden treasures in records that leave me cold. I take this lack of consistency by artists personally. It's a ridiculous confession, of course, but consider the source. I'm not happy with this negative disposition you understand! I WANT to recognize Neko Case solely as a brilliant singer songwriter and reject my indifference for Middle Cyclone! I WANT to forgive Jack White for Get Behind Me Satan but it stills hurts! Die hard fans impress me to no end. There are people out there who love Pearl Jam and I want nothing but the best for these individuals! They look forward to the new record and pre-order it without hesitation! I am inspired by such dedication but I find it very difficult to lend my unconditional support to a single artist or group. Personally, I'd rather discuss albums rather than artists when comparing musical tastes with colleagues around the water cooler. Let's just say for example that one morning your cubemate declares their unwavering love for all things Belle & Sebastian. By all rights, you of all people should wholeheartedly agree! You could admit that Another Sunny Day put a kick in your step every morning in 2006! You might remark that Sleep the Clock Around is a perfectly crafted pop song! You could tell about the time that Like Dylan in the Movies once brought a tear to your eye! You should share that you were secretly disappointed when Isobel left the band! You could admit that you love watching Stuart dance! But no! You say none of these things wonderful things about the Glaswegian Twee-Team and instead blindside your acquaintance by informing them that Dear Catastrophe Waitress made you want to immediately burn your copy of Tigermilk. In an effort to counteract my dour disposition, I'll try to downplay my extremely negative reaction to Kveikur. You see the truth is that I really appreciated the darker moments on Ágætis byrjun and loved the wintry depths of ( ). The autumnal beauty of Takk... was not lost on me either! I will painstakingly avoid an in-depth assassination of both Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust and Valtari here to instead point out that I have seen the group perform many times and loved every show. Jonsi and the boys put together a fantastic live experience for their audiences. Kveikur however is the sound of a Sigur Ros cover band. The remaining members of the now trio forcibly injected some weight into their new material and the results are ~control yourself, take a breath~ disheartening. It's the sound of a group taking an uncertain first step in a different direction. Put it this way, remember that awful feeling that came when you first heard R.E.M.'s Up in 98? Yeah, it's like that only much worse. I'll continue to work on allowing artists to grow and change without dismissing their earlier work. Unfortunately, Kveikur will not be the soundtrack on my journey toward acceptance.

Posted by C. Scott



What bothers me most is that, like Radiohead and others, a once innovative band keeps churning out the same old stuff over and over. There's very little excitement in the music.

Posted over 6 years ago by TambegifTambe

Posted: 09/08/2013