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The national trouble will find me1

Trouble Will Find Me

The National - 2013

I should have been a fan of The National for years. I am their target audience without actually being anything that resembles a New York hipster. The National are the working man's Elbow but from my Leonard Cohen loving perspective, Trouble Will Find Me is a fine album. The group play with time well and the quality of Berninger's weighty baritone is very forgiving when it comes to the occasional cringe worthy lyric. It's worth wading through I Should Live in Salt for the soaring chorus, the cathartic dirge of Demons, the charging Don't Swallow the Cap, the teenage night drive of Fireproof wanes but Sea of Love rescues and lifts (music video of the year!), the chronically slow Heavenfaced stays swaying for longer than expected and This is the Last Time squanders its promise, Graceless (like Cap and Sea) are where The National thrive, Slipped has a Avalon-era Roxy Music vibe that coasts by but should have really been the album closer, I Need My Girl is charming but forgettable and simply Fireproof in disguise, Humiliation is the B-Side that paid extra to make the album, if you made it Pink Rabbits, you've either left the room or your headphones have fallen out onto your pillow, Hard to Find is the last gasp of hope and promise as the albums sets. There's nothing especially wrong with Trouble Will Find Me and The National achieve measurable success with the more up-tempo numbers on the album. Trouble is sorely in need of some editing however and the track list is laughably poor with the listener wallowing in misery while waiting endlessly for a more upbeat song. The group have penned some great pop/rock songs on Trouble that play to their strengths but the sludge of each gravelly ballad slows the experience to a crawl. Dust off The Boatman's Call if you're looking for powerful baritone balladry. Trouble Will Find Me is a good album and after years of records and waiting, The National have finally moved into the tower of song. However, they're paying a steep rent for a studio on the ground floor.

Posted by C. Scott



You hit the nail on the head with this one. A few amazing tracks, some of their best, including I Need My Girl, but the rest of the album is literally a snore. I'll take Boxer or High Violet over this any day.

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Posted: 09/15/2013

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