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Ghost On Ghost

Iron & Wine - 2013

You remember Sam Beam, right? He's the guy that looks like the unibomber, if he was a lover, not a fighter. Sam is back with another Iron & Wine album out on Nonesuch, called Ghost On Ghost. The early Iron & Wine albums were simple folk albums, that showcased Sam's masterful, narrative songwriting. He was the Bob Ross of folk music. Putting a soft little cloud over in this corner, and a tree over there. To his credit, he is an artist that needs to push himself beyond the confines of "a man and his guitar". Unfortunately, his attempts at this so far have been "a more is less" result. G on G continues the lush arrangements of his previous effort, "Kiss Each Other Clean", and like that album, the songs are hidden behind unnecessary, soft handed production. The horn section lacks punch. (my wife called it easy listening music when she walked into the room) The piano, drums, peddle steel, etc. all fail to grab any interest. It's not all bad, though. He pushes bluesy melodies into his verses, and at times gives us hooks that hint at the groove that could have been. Overall, this quality music to shop to at the drug store.

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Posted: 09/21/2013

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