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Push The Sky Away

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - 2013

Let's start with the good: The album cover art is a gorgeous picture of Nick and his wife that was taken by accident. (it was a photo shoot for something else she was doing) Ok, that's about it for the good. Not that the album is bad, per se, but I expect much more from everyone's favorite vampire crooner. I expect the demented lyricism of Murder Ballads, or the reckless abandon of the "Abattoir Blues"/"Lyre Of Orpheus" double album. What we get on "Push The Sky Away" never reaches the heights of those other albums. It ends up being mostly boring. "Water's Edge" starts with a chugging guitar that leads you to think it will grow to a cacophonous peak, but like the rest of the album, it never gets there. Disappointing effort, but the video for "Jubilee Street" is pretty good. (see below, but note there's some nudity)

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PTSA is a complete mess. It's the awkward post-Grinderman misstep that Cave was destined to make. However, let's not forget that there was the cringeworthy Nocturama before he came roaring back with Abattoir. I hope upon hope that the Bad Seeds have at least one more terrifying album left in them.

Posted about 6 years ago by Dsc 0563C. Scott

Posted: 10/07/2013

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