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Songs of experience

Songs of Experience

U2 - 2017

Having long given up on U2 after numerous albums that were either mediocre or just plain terrible, this album is a pleasant surprise, as the musical magic that had long been missing from the band seems to have been captured once more. There are musical hints of their early days (Red Flag Day, Summer of Love), songs that are reminiscent of their 90s albums (The Blackout [think Achtung Baby and Pop combined), and great pop-rock crossovers (a la All That You Can't Leave Behind), such as Get Out of Your Own Way and You're the Best Thing About Me. In other words, they sound like U2 again. Melodically and lyrically, Bono has finally find the form again that defined him once as one of the greatest leading men of all time, with his lyrics being clever, honest, and void of the cliches that tragically replaced his brilliance on the last three albums. The song, Landlady, gets a special mention as it is the most poignant effort from the band since, Stay (Faraway So Close), with the lyrics that end the song being of the same genuine value as those from one of their greatest songs of all time: One. 

Highlights: Landlady, You're the Best Thing About Me, Summer of Love, Lights of Home

Negatives: The Showman (Little More Better) <-- it's hard to understand the choice behind this one being on the album; not terrible but completely out of place

Posted by Andrew Scott



Posted: 12/26/2018

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Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott ranks this as the
#7 favorite album of 2017