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Little fictions

Little Fictions

Elbow - 2017

There's less of an absolute nature to grasp onto in this album as compared to their others, as songs like Gentle Storm, Trust the Sun, and K2 don't immediately make their purpose obvious on the first listens to them. However, that doesn't make this album any less rewarding or emotionally gripping than past efforts. It just means that it takes more digging beneath the surface and requires an openess to the role that each track plays in the overall essence of the album. The melodies and lyrics are still compelling, and as always, imbed themselves into the brain after just one listen. Even though not all the tracks catch one's attention at first, if one is willing to spend time with this album, the reward is great. Tracks like Firebrand & Angel and Magnificent (She Says) will please the fans of old, whereas Gentle Storm and Head Supplies will invite in those looking for something new from the boys from Manchester. 

Highlights: Magnificent (She Says), Firebrand & Angel, Montparnasse 

Posted by Andrew Scott



Posted: 12/26/2018

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Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott ranks this as the
#4 favorite album of 2017