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Good Thing

Leon Bridges - 2018

Soulful to the upmost, this album is beautifully out of place in 2018, which is why, of course, it's so phenomenal. Bridges jumps around from blues-infused tracks (Lions), 70s uptempo dance tracks (If It Feels Good [Then It Must Be]), and of course smooth as silk R&B (Bad Bad News). No matter the groove or style, Bridges' vocals perfectly match the music, and though his lyrics don't offer anything of exceptional value, there's enough social commentary in them to make what he is saying, relevant. 

Highlights: Lions, Bad Bad News, Georgia to Texas

Negatives: Track 7 (If It Feels Good [Then it Must Be ]) and 8 (You Don't Know) would have better served the album if they had been placed apart rather than together, as they are both dance-oriented, changing then the demeanor of the album as a whole for too long. Good songs, but poorly placed. 

Posted by Andrew Scott



Posted: 12/27/2018

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Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott ranks this as the
#6 favorite album of 2018