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Destroyer - 2011

Admittedly, I wasn't all that familiar with Dan Bejar's albums as Destroyer. I'm a fan of the first couple of New Pornographers albums, but Destroyer was one of those bands that I've always meant to check out, but never quite got around to. Add to that the fact that "Kaputt" is an album steeped in 80's production, complete with saxophones drenched in reverb, and there should be no way that I like this album. The songs are filled with pretentious lyrics and pompous attitude, but I think that's where it first caught me. It's SO over the top that there is a sense of irony to the whole album. You just know that Bejar knows exactly what he's doing. The band that it brings to mind is Black Box Recorder. Like "Kaputt", I probably shouldn't have like B.B.R.'s albums, but they always delivered their grand, British pop songs with a wink. What Bejar pulls off on this album is pretty amazing. He delivers it with complete confidence, and the instrumentation/production makes for a great headphone album. - (Try "Chinatown" & "Downtown")

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Posted: 04/28/2013

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