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Silence Yourself

Savages - 2013

Savages are an all female post-punk band from London. These Brits aren’t taking a break for tea and crumpets. They’re way too dark for that. They’re more of a blood pudding type of band. Their music lurks in the shadows of a rainy London night. When you’re wandering the streets at 4 in the morning and you happen upon a strange cabaret, with heavy red drapes and a creepy maitre d’, they’re the band that’s playing. David Lynch might hire them for his daughter’s wedding. (You get the point) They pound out rockers heavy and fast, (“shut up”, “she will”), but they also have slow, brooding, moody songs. “Marshal Dear”, the album’s closer is one of those. It’s the most adventurous song on the album, twisting through the darkness, with piano and mildly Zorn-like sax. Here’s the awesome video for it below.

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Posted: 11/03/2013

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