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Defcon 5...4...3...2...1

Man or Astro-Man? - 2013

It's been about a decade since MOAM has released a new album and 16 years since they put out an album featuring their original guitarist/singer Brian Causey aka "Starcrunch"... which is another way of saying it's been 16 years since they put out an album of real worth. With MOAM being what I would consider the greatest surf rock band ever and the stakes being that high, it's hard for this album not to be a disappointment on some level and why I'm probably grading it on a curve. When MOAM did their last album with Starcrunch, "Made From Technitium" they were already branching heavily away from the textbook surf sound that filled their earlier albums. Things were becoming more space-agey, almost like straight up rock fused with a rocket ship. "Defcon" in that sense is just a continuation of that impulse with a 16 year leap forward. With the exception of a couple tracks, there's almost no conventional surf rock compositions or even riffs! Yet it is still undeniably MOAM. Like most of their other albums, it's hard to pick out certain tracks as being standout singles. Everything just compliments the whole, there's spacey-groove oriented instrumentals, stuff that conjures dancing robots, astronauts having an existential crisis, and highly sophisticated equipment suffering a nervous breakdown. The usual. Checkout "Disintegrate" for a sample!

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I missed most of the MOAM stuff the first time around for some reason. I suck.

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Posted: 11/04/2013

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Greg ranks this as the
#3 favorite album of 2013