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Danny Brown - 2013

We’re in the middle of a renaissance in the world of rap music. I’m not talking about what you hear on the radio. That music has devolved into a corporate, vanilla, worthless shell of what it used to be. The music I’m describing is an underground movement that’s been swelling over the last few years online and in sweaty indie-rock clubs. Danny Brown is just one of many young, (he’s old relatively, since he’s over 30 now), brash, street worn rappers who’ve been releasing albums on their own terms, and play by their own rules. There are no guest spots by Rihanna or Timberlake. The lyrical themes are often very dark and reflect the drug use, violence, and struggles of their real life. Mainstream rappers are constantly boasting about sipping champagne and buying expensive watches. By contrast, Danny’s lyrics are his therapist’s couch. In “Clean Up” he admits, “Hotel rooms crushing pills and menus, daughter sending messages saying, ‘daddy I miss you’, but in this condition I don’t think she need to see me”. His drug escapades are not boastful tales of party life. This is a man struggling with addiction, and these are his cries for help. The lack of rules that these rappers enjoy, (or exploit), have their drawbacks. This album is way too long, as was his last one “XXX”. The freedom to experiment sometimes comes with a lack of album-wide focus. Focus isn’t the problem on “Old”, but it would be a 4 star gem of an album with a little editing. Still though, there’s way more feeling and excitement happening here than on anything the radio has to offer.

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Posted: 11/17/2013

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