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Vic Mensa - 2013

After Vic Mensa ripped apart his verse on Chance The Rapper's Cocoa Butter Kisses, my expectations for the former Kids These Days frontman's newest project INNANETAPE were quite high. But through a series of average beats and corny hooks, the only thing that saves this album from complete despair is the same reason why Eminem didn't flop as bad as we thought he would: Vic Mensa can rap his ass off. His flow is completely unreal, but his reliability on that flow is a fault on songs like Tweakin', where he bounces from meaningless topic to meaningless topic; yet Vic makes it sound fine when any other rapper would have joked themselves out of relevance. Altogher, INNANETAPE sounds like a Acid Rap knockoff gone sort of wrong. Favorite songs: Time Is Money, YNSP Least favorite songs: Lovely Day, Tweakin Most overrated song: Orange Soda Most underrated song: Hollywood LA

Posted by Michael Di Gennaro



Posted: 11/18/2013