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Acid Rap

Chance The Rapper - 2013

Wacky. Melodic. Drugged out. Conscious. Never have these four elements of hip hop been combined so well then on Chance The Rapper's fantastic mixtape. He raps like Kanye meets Lil Wayne meets early Eminem, all with a sing-song rhythm that leads to some killer hooks. Also, his unreal ability to seamlessly flip through topics like his labelmate Vic Mensa, albeit he seems to make these topics flow better then Vic on his mixtape INNANETAPE. Second only to Queens Of The Stone Age's excellent Like Clockwork on my album of the year list, Chance lifted himself into massive stardom much like A$AP Rocky did in 2011 with this amazing mixtape. Favorite tracks: 1-12 l east favorite tracks: Everything's Good Outro most underrated tracks: none most overrated tracks: none

Posted by Michael Di Gennaro



Posted: 11/20/2013

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Michael Di Gennaro

Michael Di Gennaro ranks this as the
#2 favorite album of 2013