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Eliza inyourhands

In Your Hands

Eliza Doolittle - 2013

Within her second album, we travel to a Miss Doolittle that's trading in a small part of the quirkiness that made her first album such a stand out, for a higher level of lyrical, production and emotional sophistication and maturity. As with any artist that strays from that which helped define them, especially after just one album, the trade off is in part a success in providing new avenues for the artist and listener to explore expanding musical horizons. However, in other ways it's a step too far, too soon. In the initial meet and greet with In Your Hands, one can easily fall prey to a slight sense of disappointment as the unique sound of Eliza from her self-titled debut album (in particular, originality in the lyrics that focused in on an off-beat London counter culture and in the music of that debut album, an all encompassing jump from genre to genre) has been toned down, giving way to songs that you wouldn't feel too surprised to find on a new Lily Allen album. Songs such as Let it Rain have that written-to-be-a-big-hit feel to them (to her credit she is the chief song writer on the album) with lyrics that don't quite match in the style of her other work and music that just sounds a bit too polished for this Camden Town gal. However, overall the album still maintains, even with her flirtations with top 40 hits, that which made her such a fresh find in 2010, which is her ability to write personal lyrics that don't sound borrowed in any manner and her ability to come up with music that's quirky and unique in its fashion. The posh girl pout is still in her voice and the album, as within her last, is still a fresh, organic and fun sound giving us a reprieve from the sonic mush that most young, female singer/songwriters are marred in at this present time. Good for her for adding to her musical arsenal by straying slightly from the sound of her first album but in doing so, never relinquishing that what made her such a unique voice. With each listen, In Your Hands endears the listener to the girl waving the flag for London and helps us keep the faith in the English songwriter scene. (I feel it should be noted that this album has the interesting trait of getting better as each track passes to the point where the best tracks are most definitely the last ones she offers up. That is not to say the opening tracks lack quality, they are superb. However, the journey from beginning to end is a thoroughly enjoyable and ultimately rewarding one. There's not a 'skip-this-one' track on the album!)

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Posted: 11/21/2013

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Andrew Scott

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