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Death grips money

The Money Store

Death Grips - 2012

Whenever I speak to my friends about the modern classics in music today, they get a good chuckle when I mention Sacramento-based experimental hip hop geniuses Death Grips debut album, The Money Store. However, they always end up agreeing in the end. Why? Let's see. Every song is good, really good, but unique yet still fits the concept of this dark, backwards empire MC Ride rules? Correct. Did it have an influence on the music industry? NO LOVE DEEP WEB did more in the news, but DG and the rest of the noise-rap scene became tons more legitimate and influenced many an album, such as Kanye's masterpiece (or piece of trash depending on what day of the week it is, it seems) Yeezus, which drew heavy comparisons. The difference? Yeezus' listeners are divided, but anyone who listens to The Money Store at least a few times can easily understand why I call it a classic. Favorite songs: I've Seen Footage, The Fever Least favourite songs: Fuck That, Punk Weight Most overrated song: Get Got most underrated song: System Blower

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Posted: 11/22/2013

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Michael Di Gennaro

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#2 favorite album of 2012