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Death grips government plates

Government Plates

Death Grips - 2013

If you don't know who Death Grips are by now, then you don't follow music very much. You may not have even heard their brand of aggressive, frenetic, post-rap before, but they've made so much press over the last year for their non-musical antics that they have been hard to avoid. (look it all up, too much to write here) Last year I ranked their 2012 release "The Money Store" as my #7 favorite album, but as of now I'd say it's #4 of 2012 given more time. They take no prisoners with a sound that mixes hardcore, rap, electronic beats, and anything else they damn well want to include. It's not for everybody, and they don't give a f@%K! If Money Store was more of a hardcore sound, then Plates is more electronic. The brutal vocals of front man MC Ride take a bit of a back seat on this LP, which has disappointed some fans. Ride’s vocals are spat out in a fury that is really the signature of DG. The music however is just as creative and interesting as ever, although the lean towards electronic sounds rather than hardcore, distorted sounds, has created more of a looped, repetitious style to the songwriting. If you like the songs, then it’s fine. If you find them annoying, then it only hits you agin and again. There is some confusion about whether this album is their newest LP, which was promised next year some time, or if it’s the soundtrack to the drummer’s directorial debut, which they were scoring. If it is the soundtrack to the film it would explain some of the changes in their sound. It would be nice if they just told us, but DG isn’t exactly the type of band that tries to be helpful.

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Posted: 11/23/2013

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