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Elephant  the white stripes


The White Stripes - 2003

Posted by Tambe

Tallest man on earth wild hunt cover art

The Wild Hunt

Tallest Man On Earth - 2010

Posted by Tambe

Ranked #1 of 2010

Pantera vulgar display of power

Vulgar Display Of Power

Pantera - 1992

Posted by Tambe


To Pimp A Butterfly

Kendrick Lamar - 2015

Posted by Tambe

Ranked #1 of 2015

Flaming lips cover

Yoshimi Battles The Pi...

The Flaming Lips - 2002

Posted by Tambe

Johnny 20cash 20  20american 20iii 20  20solitary 20man

American III: Solitary...

Johnny Cash - 2000

Posted by Tambe

The white stripes   white blood cells

White Blood Cells

The White Stripes - 2001

Posted by Tambe

Ranked #1 of 2001

Radiohead kid a

Kid A

Radiohead - 2000

Posted by Tambe

Ranked #1 of 2000


The Real Thing

Faith No More - 1989

Posted by Tambe

Angel dust

Angel Dust

Faith No More - 1992

Posted by Tambe